About Bettingmind

Bettingmind is created by industry professionals with the aim of aiding everyone who wants to be serious about their betting.

That said, being serious about betting, also means not wasting too much time searching for the best odds, up to date information, best betting objects and opportunities. We will do the ground work for you and everyday go through all the betting options available, write you a preview and come up with our suggestions to the best betting options of the day.

We will strive to always be right, but as we all know sports is unpredictable and this is also what makes this game interesting. Our advice will be based on our experience of reading the prices and probabilities, taking into account factors such as form, injuries, head 2 head, weather, fatigue for certain players and last but not least motivation.

So, we will provide you with the essential information needed and at times you will disagree with our prediction! That’s perfectly fine, and then you should go with your opinion. We are a data collector site as well and at time you better at using that data. We encourage you to always take your own opinion into account and sometimes follow your “gut” feeling, especially once all the research is done.

Our site has an easy overview and structure and you will be able to find any match within 2 seconds. On our selected matches, not only will you be able to find up to date odds from the Bookmakers, the preview, line up and betting suggestion will be attached to odds comparison part.

We started Bettingmind because we want it to be easier being a punter as opposed to when we started 15 – 20 years ago. Doing proper research for 1 particular game means reading the local newspaper, reading forums, statistics, team news and then finally searching for the best odds. Easily a minimum of 20 minutes per game and if you want to be thorough for say, the German Bundesliga, it will take you 180 minutes to do research per round as they play 9 games. In fact, you will be very effective if you manage to do it in 3 hours! We will do all this for you, provide you with our selected matches and have up to date odds from the best Bookmakers. All you have to do is visit Bettingmind and daily you will find previews and up to date odds.

We offer a free service and we hope you will support out site by spreading the word. By liking and following us on social media, you will also help us to expand and bring you even more match previews in the future as well as improving user experience.

Bettingmind is a free betting community and we are here to help each other.

Enjoy – and a very warm welcome to Bettingmind!



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